Monday, 24 May 2010

Young opposed to web guidance

I've heard lots of people referring to this article from Children and Young People Now, which reported on research by NICEC/CfBT into adviser skills and practice in web guidance.

After reading the executive summary of the research, I have to say I thought this an odd conclusion for CYP Now to reach. It's out of kilter with other surveys - for example Habbo just published research from 5,300 young people indicating that 72% would be happy to declare a brand their friend on the site. Even Razorfish's survey found 40% of adults were happy to declare a brand their friend on Facebook. And within the NICEC/CfBT Executive Summary the researchers stated: "young people think that internet-based services could be an effective way of delivering guidance services more flexibly and effectively in the future.”

The full version of the NICEC/CfBT research is now available, and having contacted Jenny Bimrose, one of the report's authors, I can confirm the CYP Now story is pure journalistic spin! It seems one young person commented they would not like Facebook used for careers advice and that they saw it as their own personal social space. The press picked up on this, and made a very different story with a message almost completely opposite of that which seems to come from the content of the research!

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