Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Getting More From Google - Ten Tips to enhance your websearch

At this year's National Career Guidance Show 2011 in Leeds and London I present a session offering ten tips to improve your Google search experience. Come along to the Royal Armouries in Leeds on Thursday February 17th at 11.15am, or to Wembley Arena in London on Thursday March 10th at 2.30 pm. Entry to the National Career Guidance Show is free.

View the slides at Slideshare and look out for the audio narration I'll be adding in due course! The ten tips are:

1. Keep it simple
2. Use search syntax
3. Make use of maps
4. Filter your results
5. Use search tools
6. Tailor your search settings
7. Refine with advanced search
8. Personalise by logging in
9. Make Search social
10.Protect your privacy