Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The GROWN model for 21st century jobsearch

I was recently asked to address an audience of professionals from schools, colleges and training providers in West Yorkshire. The topic I was asked to talk about was "21st Century Jobsearch". I shared some ideas about the competencies young people need, if they are to make a confident start to their career. The GROWN model provides a set of core competencies for today’s job seeker, taking into account social and technological change, and how these impact on career development and job hunting. The model can also be used as a framework for evaluating careers education, information advice and guidance resources and approaches. The GROWING model is built around five core competencies Goal Setting We need goals, but this won’t necessarily mean a fully detailed lifelong career development plan for everyone. It is useful to have a strategic approach or rationale, which can be communicated to others – such as parents/carers, admissions tutors and employers. Reputation Management We need to be able to manage and maximise our reputation, recognising the value and relevance of our experiences and achievements to specific opportunities. Most potential employers will check an applicant’s Facebook or social media presence as part of their recruitment processes. Many search online to identify talent, and a third of companies claim to be doing some kind of social media based recruitment. Opportunity Mining We need to be adept at surfacing career, education and employment opportunities. We need to be able to access the hidden job market, be confident and proactive in asking for opportunities, and willing to create our own through enterprise. Web Proficiency We need to be skilful users of a range of website and tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. We should be aware of how to use the web safely and responsibly. Online application processes should not be a barrier to the 21st century job seeker. Networking Skills It’s never been more important to be able to build a useful network and leverage the social capital within it. Networking is the key that unlocks the so called hidden job market. Job hunting is more effective as a social activity than a lone activity. Image credit: bterrycompton
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