Friday, 10 April 2015 acquisition will make you LinkedIn to skills development

In a highly significant move LinkedIn has bought online education service - this subscription based site allows users to access video tutorials and courses for professional and wider skills development. This $1.5 billion acquisition is LinkedIn's largest to date, but it makes perfect sense.

It is easy to see the link between skills identified within LinkedIn profiles and skills development needed for career development or job applications. Currently in LinkedIn members can list their skills and are endorsed by others in their network for holding those skills.

As you search for job opportunities within LinkedIn imagine being matched with skills development opportunities which would enhance your match and improve your employability.

There is now a potential further monetization through subscription content although it remains to be seen whether LinkedIn decides to make some level of access free of charge. This could be a really smart move. boasts nearly 4,000 video tutorials and claims to offer courses for all levels covering technical skills, creative techniques, business strategies, and more. This acquisition seems likely to see a massive expansion in interest in providing content for - expect 400,000 videos by the end of the year and huge growth in course partners and content authors. invites experts to become authors of content within its platform.
Again LinkedIn provides a ready made audience of those who profess skills and expertise, and no doubt some who might be interested to author content. has been around for 20 years but this deal places it in an exciting position in relation to the sharing economy - to date dominated by the likes of and airbnb. Perhaps we are on the cusp of seeing skills development take its rightful place within the sharing economy ecosystem.

Media reports suggested shares a royalty pool with its authors based on number of views. But making some content free could be a bold and powerful move- especially following the lowering of the age limit to 13 for LinkedIn accounts.

If you are still in school or not actually job hunting, there needs to be more on offer to bring you back into LinkedIn. Free skills development - even if only tasters could be an interesting carrot. And the reverse of the coin is that if you are developing your skills, you might be interested in hearing about job opportunities that require exactly those skills. Expect more targeted LinkedIn advertising as you study online!

There could clearly be a link for all users to develop or enhance their skills through the platform. Overall an exciting development and it will be interesting to see how moves forward and becomes optimized for LinkedIn.

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